CORKSPORT Rear Motor Mount Insert For Mazdaspeed 3

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CORKSPORT Rear Motor Mount Insert For 2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3

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Reduce wheel hop and driveline slack to get a direct feel from your drivetrain with the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Motor Mount Inserts. Unlike complete replacement motor mounts on the market which can transmit excessive vibration, the CorkSport Motor Mount Inserts fill in the gaps in the factory mount allowing it to retain its vibration isolation while providing a simple and cost effective upgrade to your Mazda for a more enjoyable driving experience.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Constructed from high durometer polyurethane: Designed to fill in the gaps in the factory rubber motor mounts to limit the movement of the engine and transmission
  • Thrust washer surface on both sides of the mount for superior friction and wear performance
  • Patterned after the OEM Mazda mounts for accurate fitment
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware and knowledgeable telephone support

  • Install time                  2/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

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Quick review of the inserts for the rear motor mount:

Installation - Drove the car on race ramps and proceeded to remove the stock unit. Things to note, the bolts on the transmission case are 18mm, not 17mm as the instructions state. Transmission case bolts and the vertical bolt came out easy, but the horizontal bolt would not budge. Removed the entire assembly without taking that bolt out. Reinstalled for a total of 10 minutes of work, with no issues getting the unit back in place.

Driving impressions - definitely some more vibes at idle, particularly noticible with AC on and when creeping in reverse. Nothing too bad however, it reminds me of a couple of Audi's I have been in. The inserts really tighten the shifter action up; it no longer feels like you are trying to hit a moving shift gate. Absolutely no problems with 2-3 upshift under full throttle.

Conclusions - Thought it was a little overpriced for two peices of plastic upon first purchase; but for the money, it really does make a difference on the car, and a much better alternative than dropping a benjy or more on a solid aluminum peice.
Easy install, takes out the drivetrain lash, and much smoother shifts under hard acceleration.
The mount is not even broken in yet, and the only extra vibration I noticed was accelerating just off idle.
One word : Perfect!
-Received yesterday (in France)
-Installed in the evening (very easy)
-Tested today
No increase in vibration level, no more bad feeling during gear change or when you suddenly ease off the throttle.
Mandatory for the MS3 / 3MPS !!!
These inserts are great for lightly modified MS3's. I run CAI & Inlet with Hypertech on Koni yellows and stock springs.

I installed the CP-E Stage 1 60 durometer mount and that lasted all but a day when my wife drove it. There is just too much vibration at idle through the steering column and sound was loud at startup.

Then I put these in. There is much imporved stiffness from stock, almost as much as the CP-E but NO vibration at idle and NO sound at startup. Performance increase without comfort compromise, definitely wife approved!
updating my last review.After a couple of weeks of driving the mount has fully broken in.Vibration is completely undetectable.Torque steer still a thing of the past.Dont hessitate to buy.You wont regret a thing
after being fully bolted to stage 2 and flashing a stage 2 ots map i experienced an enourmous amount of torque steer and wheel hop.infact one time when i was getting on it in second gear the intercooler shroud for my TMIC hit the firewall.I knew it was time to do something.I had been in several cars with mounts and new i didnt want to have that in my car.I settled on these inserts.Best 35 bucks i will ever spend on any car period.These things go rid of the torque steer and no more wheel hop whatsoever.And best of all,vibration is almost unoticable.its just a very slight shake that you would get if you tried to move a manual car without giving it enough gas.People that dont know i have these inserts have driven the car and they dont even notice a thing. Save ureself some money and a headache.If you are not making 400whp those other mounts are just a waste of time.Thank you CORKSPORT
I recently purchased a modified MS3 and could not understand the complaints about poor shifting and wheel hop. Today I looked under the car and found the answer. The car already has these inserts installed. The car has very little vibration and I can shift easily in most high load situations.
I just put them on and they are perfect!! I had the TRZ dogbone rear motor mount and it vibrated too much especially with the AC on and I live in Vegas so I use it a lot haha but I put these inserts in and you can feel the stiffness when you press the gas but no vibes even with the AC on no vibes!!! Love it since this is my daily driver :)
Great Product...the car should come with these installed from the factory. Wish I had installed these day 1 after driving the car off the lot. The car feels more responsive and this simple $35 product made more of a difference than the short ram intake I recently added.... and the difficult shifting that the MS3 is known for (especially from first to second gear) is pretty much cured...even in cold weather. Best cost vs benefit of any mod you can make to the MS3.
By far the simplest install I've ever done on a car in my years of modding. The feel of the car is soo much more solid. The thrash of the engine feedback through the tranny in 1st-3rd gear is gone and the off the line performance is much improved. I have also a shortcut shift plate and the shift weight and this set up is amazing. Great product and I definitely recommend!!! Thanks Corksport for a great product!
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