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CORKSPORT Mazda 5 Rear Adjustable Swaybar

Price: $199.99
Price in points: 200 points
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Remove the tendency to overpower the front tires under hard cornering and minimize traction robbing body lean with the CorkSport Mazda 5 Rear Adjustable Sway Bar. Compressing inside suspension, the CorkSport Mazda 5 Rear Sway Bar effectively increases the spring rate on side of the suspension which is compressed most and its adjustability allows you to fine tune the handling.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Tubular Design: Decreases the weight of your Mazda 5. The sway bar is 7.6 lbs compared to the stock 8.6 lbs sway bar used on the Mazda 5.
  • Adjustable: Two adjustable locations for the end links to install allowing you to change how much the bar uses the other side of the suspension. 114%/180% stiffer than stock on the Mazda 5.
  • Durable blue or black powder coated finish: can survive the winter driving in areas where roads are salted for snow and ice.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a two year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone support

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Never thought 15 min of work would change my car this much. It makes me want to speed through corners a lot more because I know that it can take it. the adjustment is great, I am able to change it for the days at the track or regular street driving.
Excellent product...but it came with the "Corksport" logo on the bar in the place directly under the swaybar mount. If anyone is under the car they'll see "Corksp". Why would you not put the sticker right in the middle???
Actual install took less than half an hour. Parts fit perfectly. Weight transfer to the outside front is so much more positive. Really nice.
Install took about 20 minutes even in the pouring rain. The item was not exactly as described in the details. It does not have the stops for the bushings. I took the vehicle out promptly after installing the part and I noticed a world of difference even on the recommended middle setting with stock springs. The car turns like never before and should do well in the upcoming season of SCCA autocross.
If you're on the fence about making the decision to purchase this swaybar, make the plunge. You will not be disappointed.
Very easy to install and it shouldn't take more than a couple hours, and that is from start to finish with plenty of breaks in between. I noticed a dramatic improvement over the stock swaybar and this was at the middle setting. Thanks Corksport.

Turn in is great, feels solid and being able to adjust it is very nice and easy.
awesome turnout on my 2010 mazda3 i 2.0
20 minutes to install on my 2010 Mazda5 (using air compressor). Great turn-in and neutral feel overall. This car also has AutoEXE springs on stock struts. This swaybar was set to the middle setting and is a perfect complement to the car. I like front wheel drive cars with stock front bars and bigger rear bars and this was perfect. Fitment was flawless too.
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